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Humboldt University of Berlin logo

Two hundred years ago, in 1810, Wilhelm von Humboldt’s vision for a new type of university became reality. The new Prussian alma mater was the first to introduce the unity of research and teaching, to uphold the ideal of research without restrictions and to provide an all-round education for its students. These principles of Wilhelm von Humboldt and a select group of contemporaries soon became general practice throughout the world. A new era of university and academic research had begun.

Humboldt-Universitt embodies the ideal of a universitas litterarum in the heart of Berlin. Its subject diversity spans from the humanities to the social, cultural, natural, human and medical sciences.

The university was founded in 1810 as a reform university. It was based on Wilhelm von Humboldts groundbreaking principles of free research, the unity of research and teaching and the corporate responsibility of a higher education establishment.

The anniversary will not only look back onto the foundation of the university but will also reflect on its many transformations some glorious, others hopefully never to be repeated. The most recent self-renewal followed the Peaceful Revolution in East Germany in 1989. Many new outstanding professors were appointed from East and West, from at home and from abroad.

Thanks to the successful process of restructuring, Humboldt-Universitt is among Germany’s top ten universities in national and international rankings attracting the best students from around the world. Research is conducted on socially relevant topics and pressing future concerns, always striving to find workable solutions and looking for new ways to communicate results to the public.

Humboldt-Universitt invests all its resources into being a place for vibrant and innovative research and teaching. The university actively promotes young talents. It projects positive outcomes beyond the academic framework onto the economy and society.


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